Tina Emond

Tina.Emond.2I have been a practicing nurse for 14 years. I became a nurse because I wanted to work with people. Knowing that I could make a difference in the lives of patients has always been a great source of motivation in my career.

After working as a staff nurse in diverse settings, I began sharing my passion for our profession by teaching nursing at the Edmundston Campus of the University of Moncton at the undergraduate level. I am currently teaching academic and clinical courses. I have a special interest for perinatal care both as an educator and a researcher. In my community, I am involved on a volunteer basis in projects related to breastfeeding and perinatal bereavement support.

I am completing a PhD in Nursing at Université Laval. Pursuing doctoral studies gives me an excellent opportunity to influence the development of our profession. In my research, I am focusing on the personal experiences of couples and the professional experiences of nurses with early perinatal death. For some parents, experiencing early perinatal loss can be distressing and challenging. For this reason, the ultimate goal of my research is to improve the support provided in these circumstances.