Nurses Voices

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Nurses Voices
Nurses’ Voices launched in early June, 2021, is a unique new video and audio series hosted by Gail Donner and Mary Wheeler, that amplifies the voices of nurses to help them adapt and excel within these changing and uncertain times. Be the first to watch and listen! Sign up now for Nurses’ Voices e-mail updates at
Gail Donner, RN, PhD“Nurses’ Voices features conversations with a diverse group of Canadian nurses from a variety of workplaces including long term care, acute care and community health.” -Gail Donner, RN, PhD   Mary Wheeler, RN, MEd“Nurses’ Voices provides a forum where guests and hosts listen and learn from each other to grow and thrive in an ever-changing healthcare system where the new normal is uncertainty.” – Mary Wheeler, RN, MEd

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